Born 20 September 1956. England.

1975 – 1976 Salisbury School of Art
1976 – 1979 St Martins College of Art, London. Sculpture A course. BA [Hons]
1983 – 1985 The Royal College of Art. MA Photography
1976 – 2008 Lives and works in London.
2008 – 2016 Lives and works in SE Asia producing an extensive body of sculptural site specific installations and commissions for private and corporate clients.

Currently lives and works in Northern Italy


2008 New prints ▫︎ Paul Smith Space, Albermarle Street, London
1997 Strokes ▫︎ Purdy Hicks Gallery, London + Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea
1995 Retrospective ▫︎ Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
1994 Transmutations ▫︎ Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
1993 New Work ▫︎ Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
1992 Olympics ▫︎ Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, + Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London.
Toured: Barcelona, Manchester, Edinburgh, Norwich, and Aberdeen
1991 OneManShow ▫︎ Galerie du Chateau D’Eau and Galerie Espace St Cyprien, Toulouse, France.
1990 David Hiscock ▫︎ Parco Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
Toured Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London. The Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich.
1989 The Photographer’s Gallery, London.
1988 Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London.
1987 The Royal Photographic Society, Bath.


2008 'Hugh Stoneman: Master Printer'. Tate St Ives
2003 ‘Z30 ‘ Zelda Cheatle Gallery
2001 ‘Bittersweet’ Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London.
2000 'Prints 1999-2000' Purdy Hicks gallery, London
2000 'Annual Exhibition' Visual Arts Scotland, Edinburgh
‘The Century of the Body’ Musee de l’Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Edificio Sede da Caixa, Lisbon, Portugal.
1999 ‘Floor Gazing’. University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art and tour
‘Photo Synthesis’ Rare Gallery, New York
‘Revelation’ Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
“In to the light’ Royal Photographic Society, Bath, Newlin Art Gallery, Penzance
1997 'History' The Mag Collection, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull and Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
'Little boxes', Photfusion Gallery, London. Cambridge Darkroom, Cambridge
'Wait and see (what’s for dinner)', Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
'Prints and Books', Purdy Hicks Gallery, London.
1996 'Time Machine', Museo Egizio, Turin, Italy.
1995 'Images 20', Royal College of Art, London.
1994 'The Journey', Gallery K, London
'Drawing', Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
'Time Machine', British Museum, London
'A Positive View', Saatchi Gallery, London.
1993 'APAD Art Fair', New York, U.S.A
'Gallery Artists', Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
'Cologne Art Fair', Germany
'The puzzle of pain', touring exhibition, France
'Fictions of the Self', Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina, U.S.A.
Toured: Herter Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, U.S.A. Palazzo del Exhibition, Rome, Italy.
Museum of Modern Art, Nice, France.
1992 'Works by 54 master printers', John Jones Gallery, London
'The Figure Laid Bare', Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London
'Print Centre Editions', Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London
'Visa Olympic Art', Palais Moya, Barcelona, Spain.
1991 'David Hiscock and Calum Colvin', Oriel Gallery, Cardiff, Theatre Clwyd, Mold
'Art now', Beak Street Gallery, London.
1990 'Identities', Philadelphia Art Alliance, U.S.A
'Rencontres Photographiques', Carcassone, France
'Face On', The Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
'Gallery Artists', Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London.
1989 'Figure II, Naked', Victoria Art Gallery, Bath
'Fictive Strategies', Squibb Gallery, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A
'Blasphemies, Ecstasies, Cries', Serpentine Gallery, London.
Toured: Norwich School of Art, Mostyn Art Gallery
'Summer Show', the Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
'Machine dreams', The Photographer’s Gallery, London.
1988 'Photography On The Edge', Haggarty Museum, Wisconsin, U.S.A
'The Art of Lego', Wrexham, Clwyd. (Touring)
'Object and Image', Stoke on Trent Museum and Art Gallery
'Art relief Bangladesh', Business Art Galleries, London.
1987 '150 years of The Royal College of Art', The Barbican Centre, London
'Painting/Photography/Painting', Richard Pomeroy Gallery, London
'A Private View', The Royal Photographic Society, Bath.


The National Portrait Gallery, London ▫︎ The Royal Photographic Society, Bath ▫︎ Haggerty Museum, Wisconsin, U.S.A ▫︎ Visa International ▫︎ Madame Tussaud’s, London ▫︎ Standard Chartered Bank ▫︎ L’Espace Saint Cypriene, Toulouse, France ▫︎ Gallerie Du Chateau D’Eau, Toulouse, France ▫︎ P&O “Oriana Art Collection ▫︎ Deutsche Bank ▫︎ North Wales NHS ▫︎ Mag Collection at Ferens Art Gallery, Hull ▫︎ Landmark Consultants. London ▫︎ Sony Ericsson London ▫︎ Private Collections ▫︎ Arias Collection ▫︎ Leeds City Art Gallery ▫︎ British Land


1996 ▫︎ Fellowship, Royal College of Art ▫︎ 1992 Official British Olympic Artist, Barcelona Olympic games ▫︎ 1989 The Royal Photographic Society, Print Competition- Winner ▫︎ 1987 The Photographer’s Gallery Trust Fund, Portraiture ▫︎ 1985 Madame Tussauds Award for Figurative Work ▫︎ 1985 Vogue Award for Photography ▫︎ 1984 Vogue Award for Photography ▫︎ 1983-1985 Pentax Study Bursary

1994 David Hiscock ▫︎ Zelda Cheatle Press ISBN 0 9518371 9 2
1990 David Hiscock ▫︎ Skoob Books, ISBN 1 871438 71 3


BBC ▫︎ Hermes ▫︎ Adidas ▫︎ Hitachi ▫︎ Nestle ▫︎ Cointreau ▫︎ Donna Karan ▫︎ Harvey Nichols ▫︎ Time life ▫︎ Turner ▫︎ Classic Movies ▫︎ Nike ▫︎ Vogue ▫︎ Penguin Books ▫︎ Thames and Hudson ▫︎ Creative CameraI ▫︎ I.F.F. Perfumes ▫︎ Carlsberg ▫︎ The British Council ▫︎ Virgin ▫︎ Paul Smith ▫︎ Tia Maria ▫︎ P&O ▫︎ Lotus ▫︎ Hyatt Hotels ▫︎ The British Legion ▫︎ Habib ▫︎ Landmark consultants ▫︎ Wrangler ▫︎ Marks and Spencer ▫︎ The Rug Company ▫︎ Pulai Springs Resort ▫︎ John Lewis ▫︎ Martha Stewart ▫︎ IPC magazines ▫︎ Beck’s ▫︎ Peter Gabriel ▫︎ Paul McCartney ▫︎ Eastern & Oriental ▫︎ Sotheby's ▫︎ Enya ▫︎ Chili Media ▫︎ Cahaya Mata Sarawak ▫︎ North Wales NHS Trust ▫︎ Interiors International ▫︎ Eyestorm ▫︎ Editions Didier Millet ▫︎ SDB and SDB Asia ▫︎ Grand Designs ▫︎ Cath Kidson ▫︎ Field Fisher Waterhouse ▫︎ NSPCC ▫︎ The Worshipful Co of Goldsmiths ▫︎ Mercedes ▫︎ VISA

Numerous portrait commissions for private clients


1986 – 1987 Richard Pomeroy Gallery. London
1988 – 1990 Pomeroy Purdy Gallery. London
1995 – 2002 Purdy Hicks Gallery. London
1987 – 2006 Zelda Cheatle Gallery. London
1994 – 2006 Robert Montgomery and Partners. London


1988 – 1998 Tutor in Photography, Royal College of Art London
1988 – 2005 Visiting Lecturer at numerous UK Art Schools and Colleges.
1999 – 2004 External Examiner Fine Art, Richmond College, London
2003 – 2006 External examiner BA [Hons] Photography, Kent Institute of Art and Design
2003 – 2006 External examiner BA [Hons] Photography, Falmouth College of Art
2006 – 2010 External Examiner BA [Hons] Photography, University of Wales


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