At the forefront of contemporary photography in the late 1980's and 1990's Hiscock led the way in finding new styles with his astonishing inventive spiralling around a photographic core. Time-lapse works, abstractions, multiple portraits, distortions...he has been responsible for a string of outstanding exhibition pieces of many kinds. As a creator and fabricator, his dexterity and visual virtuosity have always been appreciated. In the fine detail of the hand-worked pieces of thirty years ago, or in the controlled precision of his later work in jewellery and most recently sculpture and design, there has always been a basis of top-level craft skill in what he has done. What makes him different is the marriage of that to intellectual and emotional ranges of the very highest order. His work is held amongst others, in the collections of The National Portrait Gallery, Deutsche Bank, The Royal Photographic Society.
An Asian sabbatical in 2008 resulted in an extraordinary long term patronage. Over this period Hiscock produced to commission, numerous large scale sculptural installations to include furniture, lighting and architectural detailing. Hiscock became not only artist and fabricator but extended his practise into the rigorous arenas occupied by engineers and architects. Here, embedded in the rhythms and patterns of his three-dimensional physical forms can be found echoes of his photographic language - its abstractions, repetitions, and transformations as a constant underlying invitation to move beyond a physical reading.

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